A New City, A New Beginning

Two and a half months earlier I shifted to Bangalore after a 2 years stint at my first Company at Hyderabad. I was looking for new opportunities and started appearing in interviews when I hit the hard realisation that what I learned till now was not enough. I need to self-learn more and interact more with people and learn from stories that people experienced. I landed up a job at a EDA based firm at Bangalore and decided to move in there.

Leaving the city, but not the memories !

Time really flies and it had been already 2 years working in the Software Industry. I met with a lot of people, made friends and shared some good experiences. I became aware of the meetup culture, realised writing code is not the only way that makes you a good developer, realised that communication is a key factor in conveying your ideas.

I became part of the HydPy Community and organised 2 conferences – PyConf Hyderabad 2017 and PyCon India 2018 . I met some like minded people passionate about technology and flourishing the Python Community at Hyderabad. I still am a part of the Community and hope to continue doing so.

I also attended the dgplug Summer Training in 2018, made many friends there as well whom I keep meeting during conferences. They are a really amazing community and there is always something to learn from each of the IRC conversations.

I interacted with a lot of people from Python and open source Community. Going to Conferences and meetup is really a good way to interact with some awesome people and sharing their knowledge. But it’s also true that you really need to work on something tangible and develop your skills. Then only you can move forward and also put the experiences to use.

I have been living in the heart of the fast growing city at Hyderabad. It’s been a nice experience here as a whole (except from traffic on rainy days!). I explored to places around in the initial days. Some significant events happened during my stay – the GES 2018 was held, Hyderabad metro rail was inaugurated, the first IKEA store in India opened up . I Spent my first Durga puja away from home. Realised that Kolkata Biryani is still better than Hyderabadi Biryani. Saw more buildings, Tech parks and flyovers being constructed in Rapid phase. Got to experience the hot summer and pleasant winters. All together it had been a good time in the city of Nizams. Hope to come again here someday !

The New Phase, What Next ?

It’s been 2.5 months while I came here at Bangalore. It’s called the Garden City of India because of the amount of greenery it has. But I would rather call it a City of Traffic ! Dealing with traffic can be terrifying here. Nevertheless there is a lot of greenery left and I see palm trees here and there quite often. The area I live is booming with an array of multinational companies, I also observed more number of semiconductor based companies. Rightly calling it “Silicon Valley of India”. It’s pretty early to state my experience in this city so maybe I will write about it in the next phase 🙂

So what next ? I want to make my time here more productive and also develop some good habits that I have been lingering about. Get into the habit of writing, take time out for more self-learning, contribute to open source more often, interact with more people, put the experiences to use as much as I can, get more exercise and cut laziness. In fact I got me a cycle and have been doing my daily commute with it! I know now it’s more talk than work now. But I want this blog post as a reminder so that whenever I wander off I can come to this page and find what I need to do! And keep myself prepared for the next phase.

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