Open Source Evangelist and Software Engineer working at Cadence Design Systems. I work in C/C++ on Linux environment as a part of my day job and use Python for my hobby projects. I am an avid Python and Open source fan and love attending Developer conferences around me . My acquaintance with Open Source started when I first got my Laptop in 2013 and then attended a session of Google Summer of Code at my College. I have been a GSoC 2016 alumnus at publiclab and also a Google Code-in 2016 Mentor at Fossasia and later a GSoC 2017 mentor with publiclab.

Recently I am diving in to the Hacker culture and Free Software Movement, and also starting to understand the difference between the terms – Free Software and Open Source. I am making my efforts to contribute to more upstream Free Software Projects and hope to share my stories in my blog.

You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin and GitHub or mail me at ananyoevo@gmail.com

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