Beginning My Journey as an Open Source Developer

Open source and Open learning has fascinated me since I came to know about it. The feeling of being part of a big software by contributing even a single line for it inspires me to become a Open Source developer some day. So learning of Git became indispensable and there has been a lot of people in my College preaching Open Source  so I had quite some idea on where to start from. So the easiest step for me was to open a Github account and learn Git at the earliest. Soon it was clear to me that learning  Git was just the beginning. Contributing to Open Source was way beyond that. You had to read the code, understand it, understand the bugs and issues and the biggest part “Attempt to solve it!”. And as the saying goes

Try and try until you succeed!

Soon I developed fascination for Ruby on Rails while working for a CAT Forum for my College Club in the last Summer. It is an web application framework based on MVC model. It was the very first time I practically worked using Git and contributed to Open Source in Github. Though I had just scratched the surface and it is quite a long way before I could actually become an Open Source developer.

My next step towards achieving this is Google Summer of Code 2016 which is the most prestigious worldwide internship Program organised by Google for supporting Open Source.Recently I have been contributing to on its plots2 Repository on Github. I had my very first PR merged in and I am really excited to work on it further. Hoping to see this as my  GSoC Project.


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